Themes & Projects

Painting themes
  • Energy, Light & Sound: Interrogation of ways landscape energy can be bounded and viewed on canvas, a two-dimensional medium.
  • Landscapes: Inspired by the landscape mainly of the Canadian Shield
  • Micro-Worlds: Inspired by small worlds at our feet and up-close
2019 projects (evolving)

Scapes: invites the viewer to imagine what lies beyond mysterious opening in landscape vistas. These paintings are being created for the ‘Scapes Group Show to be held in Winnipeg in early September. 

Transitions and Borders: interrogates how larger shapes in the landscape emerge from and merge with their background, which is depicted with loose, undefined brushstrokes and colours that represent their energy.  

Shape Shifter: will investigate how water changes in shape and form while simultaneously  changing the landscape.

2018 Projects

In 2018 I explored two themes in addition to creating a series of ‘Small Landscapes‘ inspired by views I happened-upon while walking through the forest at the lake.

Forest Vibrations: painting the vibe of the forest at different times and places. It examines how light changes the forest’s vibe using colour, shapes and patterns.  The paintings in this series are based on field videos, notes, photos and sketches resulting in several larger, acrylic canvases.

Lake Music: painting the visual and auditory symphony of Macara Lake. This is a work-in-progress.  I have painted 5 studies to develop a visual narrative for several larger canvasses. 

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