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Forest Vibrations

Acrylic painting. 24" x 36" (unframed) - $895.00 (CAD). 'Fall on the Rocks' by Marlene Ann Roy
Fall on the Rocks_Marlene_Ann_Roy



‘Fall on the Rocks’ was inspired by a view from our cottage window in September of vibrant orange and yellow grasses among the rocks. The ever-present fir and pine trees watch over the tableau below.



Upcoming Event – South Osborne Holiday Art Crawl – November 17 & 18

Regrettably I have decided to cancel my participation in the ‘Art Crawl’ as a close relative has died. Please text or phone 1-204-612-9639 if you are interested in any of the paintings I have been featuring. I will be setting-up appointments for private viewings in a week. ¬†Thanks for your understanding.

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