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Acrylic painting. 18" x 24" (unframed) - $575.00 (CAD). 'Standing Out' by Marlene Ann Roy
Standing Out_Marlene_Ann_Roy
Some Trees Just Have to Stand Out

When I saw this group of trees the sunlight was hitting a few out-in-front leaving the rest in shadow. There were ‘standing out’ from the rest.

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2017 ArtWork Projects

Acrylic painting. 11" x 14" (unframed). $150.00 (CAD) Channel 1 View: July 8, 2017 by Marlene Ann RoyChannel 1 Series:
Views from my cottage deck from May to September 2017



Acrylic painting. 18" x 24" (unframed) - $575.00 (CAD). 'Stepping-Up' by Marlene Ann Roy

Light Fractures: Ways sunlit is bent and shaped by the trees





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Paintings Prior to 2017

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