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You can find more of my paintings under ‘Artwork’ in the menu. Currently, I’m working on two new series of paintings. To follow my 2017 painting projects please subscribe to my e-news or follow me on social media.  My previous artwork focuses on three landscape themes: My Cottage Views, World at My Feet, and Rock Homage and I recently finished a series of 8 paintings based on a boat-tour of Longpine Lake  located at Ingolf, Ontario.

I paint the varied landscapes near our summer cottage in Northwestern Ontario located in the Boreal Shield. I am inspired by the immense Boreal landscape  and the myriad of small landscapes found ‘at my feet‘ on the forest floor. This overpowering landscape is rugged, sparsely populated and covered in native trees and other flora, lakes, wetlands and ancient rocks. I paint views, which particularly inspire me. There is no shortage.

My paintings will appeal to those wanting landscape paintings of the Boreal Forest and Canadian Shield.  They capture one moment and place in time. I invite you to look through them and get back to me with your thoughts at:

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